across the globe, we are united in our dedication to community well being.


Home of Love (213-760 NPO) aims to empower orphaned and vulnerable children, AGYW and their families by providing quality intervention services with the goal that children reach their full potential and become responsible and independent contributing members of their communities who are free from vulnerability and risk. The organization exists to providing them with opportunities targeted at enhancing their wellness through rights-based educational mentorship, psychosocial support (counselling, support groups and linkages to care) and provide them with entrepreneurial skills that will enable to be financially independent and be protected from any form of vulnerability, in turn contribute the reduction of the number of HIV/AIDS and GBV prevalence. Ultimately the interventions are designed to provide children, AGWY and their families platforms for self- actualisation. Abuse, neglect stigma, isolation, poverty, vulnerability, lost opportunity, lack of information and support still pose a challenge in South African communities as such serious and immediate action is required to increase delivery


— Our Vision

A leading organisation in promoting the well being of children, youth and their families with the primary focus on health and other related social ills.

— Our Mission

To facilitate conducive environments or spaces where children, youth (AGYW) and their families (women) can be empowered and live healthy, self-sustained and independent lives, that are free from risk and vulnerability through: Psychosocial support (Counselling, Support Groups, referrals and linkages) Skills Development/ Training/Rights Based Education, Economic Strengthening and GBV and sexual abuse support programs.


01. Empowerment

We strive to fix larger systemic problems and empower our beneficiaries to live a better lives. We empower our clients through a series of programmes to enable them to reach their full potential and be protected from vulnerability.

02. Embrace Your Community

We don’t believe in working in isolation, we believe in collaboration with other partners in our field, we collaborate with government departments, civil societies organisation, private companies, schools. Currently we partner with DSD and DOE.

03. Empathy

We believe in relating and understanding our beneficiaries when we interact with them because they present with diverse problems and backgrounds.

04. Passionate

We are driven by what we do as an organisation. We value our clientele, and we strive to create spaces for them to grow and learn.

05. Respectful and Acceptance

We respect how diverse our communities are and we accept all our beneficiaries for who they are. Respect in our relationships builds feelings of trust, safety, and well being.